From the recording Blue Rain


Lost in Your Dream                       

You feel the loneliness today 
I'm very sorry that the time has come
Although there was a way
You take a look around and now she's gone

You had looked forward to the day
And waited patiently for her to come
But your thoughts got in the way 
And when the moment came blue rain was falling

You wanted her to stay
But now she's gone you're lost in your dream
It all seems unreal 
To be lost in your dream
Take a moment you will see
Andmoreagain to realize
That the chance you have to take
Can open up towards a clear blue sky

All you needed was to say
The love you felt was more than a dream
More than a dream
Now you're lost in your dream
And you feel so unreal
To wake up in your dream

Music and lyrics copyright © 2014 Cary L. Heuchert