Cary Heuchert - electric guitar, flute, vocals

Collin Wade - bass, acoustic guitar, vocals

Grant Ball - drums and percussion


Formed in early 2022, Eyes Like Saucers are a prog-psych-space rock band from Vancouver, Canada. Multi-instrumentalist, Cary Heuchert had already released two solo albums: the ambient, mostly instrumental “Nocturna and Other Stories” (2012) and prog-folk oriented “Blue Rain” (2014) before teaming up with drummer, Grant Ball in late 2017. They would soon join forces with bassist, Collin Wade in 2018. Subsequently both Grant and Collin would contribute to Cary's long-awaited third release, “Hourglass” (2021).

As a vehicle to collaborate on songs, Eyes Like Saucers shines a light on both Cary's and Collin's individual songwriting skills, as well as the musicianship of all three members. Grant's masterful drumming, Collin's fluid bass playing, and Cary's melodic electric guitar and flute lines, contribute to a collective sound where many ideas are possible.

Previous events

Eyes Like Saucers - Live Performance/Corporate Event (GIG NO. 3) Cary Heuchert - vocals, electric guitar, flute; Collin Wade - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar; Grant Ball - drums SET-LIST: (Sound-check: "Forever and So Far", "Sacred Room", "From Earth Below") - Main set: "Hourglass", "Waiting For You", "Lemon Tree" (Fool's Garden cover - request), "Fly Me to the Moon" (Jazz standard cover - request), "The Moon Represents My Heart" 月亮代表我的心 (Teresa Tang cover - request), "From the Beginning" (ELP cover), "Spirals in Time", "Love is Blue" (Paul Mauriat cover), "Scarborough Fair" (Folk trad. cover - request), "Hotel California" (Eagles cover - request), "Wicked Game" (Chris Isaak cover), "A Groovy Kind of Love" (Mindbenders cover), "500 Miles" (Folk trad. cover - request), "Forever and So Far", "Together", "I Don't Want to Say Goodnight to You", "Rainfall", "Harvest Moon" (Neil Young cover), "Gan Bei Peng You" 干杯朋友 (Tian Zhen cover - request), "Moondance" (Van Morrison cover), "Nights in White Satin" (Moody Blues cover), "Oceanus"

Video and sound recordings available.

Redrum Open Mic Night

Redrum Records, 5754 176 Street, Surrey, BC

Eyes Like Saucers - First Live Performance (GIG NO. 1) Cary Heuchert - vocals, electric guitar; Collin Wade - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar; Grant Ball - drums SET-LIST: (Sound-check: "Forever and So Far", "Sacred Room", "From Earth Below") - Main set: "Together", "Spirals in Time", "Hourglass", "War Machine"

Video recordings available.

L to R: Collin Wade, Grant Ball, Cary Heuchert

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