1. Rainfall

From the recording Blue Rain



Rain falling 
Another day of rain 
Reflecting on my life
Time is flowing
The days of future passed
Are reflected in my life
They're all reflected in my life
And recollected in my mind
I saw you
In a rain day dream
A reflection in my mind
I called you
But you couldn't hear your name
Through the sound of the pouring rain
You're a reflection in my mind
Which I will cherish for all time
On cloudless days I tend to see
The road ahead that lies in front of me
But the rainy days clear up my mind
And take me to another time
Take me back
Take me back
The rain can always take me back
Rain falling 
Another day again 
Reflecting on my life
Not to worry
Ten thousand days of haze
Shall be cleared one rainy night 
And from the rain we can see the light
See the light 
See the light 
Rain falling

Music and lyrics copyright © 2013 Cary L. Heuchert