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She came to me without a sound
And changed my whole world around
I'd forgotten what life had been before
Before her love had opened up the door

She has turned the hourglass
Ever present to the past
She holds my future in her hands
As we return to time un-passed
Returning through time with you

She turns my autumn into spring
And makes me see my life again
Can't imagine life without her now
She gives me more than I could ever dream

Love can be an hourglass
Ever present to the past
I see the future in the sand
As we return to seasons past
Turning and
Turning and
Turning through life with you

When the cold dark winter's coming near
She brings me flowers from her spring
A timeless love that we can share
A new beginning starts without an end

Music and Lyrics by Cary Heuchert - Copyright © 2021