BUY NOW: Cary Heuchert - “Blue Rain” CD (2014)

Cary Heuchert - "Blue Rain" CD (2014, Oddiyo Records, Canada)

$9.97 CDN + shipping ($8.00 CDN domestic and international). 

“A masterpiece of lo-fi progressive, psych-pop, "Blue Rain" establishes Cary Heuchert on the cutting edge of 21st century music." -

"Vancouver artist’s quiet trip into watercolor wonders of yesterday and tomorrow.” -

“Blue Rain” is a lovely album that music fans would love if the word got out. Thoughtful and melodic, his take on ‘60s folk and psychedelic pop rock is a real head turner. Highly recommended.” - Sea of Tranquility

Cary Heuchert - Blue Rain - (CD - 2014)

BUY NOW: Cary Heuchert - Blue Rain - Special Edition CD - 2017) = $12.99

Cary Heuchert - "Blue Rain" Special Edition CD, including new single, "Mirror of Dreams / Nightbreak" as a bonus track.

$12.99 CDN + shipping ($8.00 CDN domestic and international). The artwork has been redesigned in eco-sleeve format, with new liner notes by renowned music journalist, Robert Silverstein, founder and editor of 


Cary Heuchert - Blue Rain - Expanded (CD - 2017)